The traditional residences Stratos Villas offer unique experiences in a marvellous natural environment during the whole year round.

Relax listening to rare birds’ singing, escape from every day’s stress and tension combining relaxation with excursions in the nature.

  • You can go on a walking tour or cycling in the surrounding woody paths, hiking on the green hills and discover plane, oak and olive trees as well as various aromatic plants, bushes and herbs.
  • You can visit historical cloisters and churches.
  • You can visit the small river 100m away from Stratos Villas and relax watching frogs, crabs, turtles, ducks and birds of the small ecosystem.

Explore the traditional Cretan way of living in Rethymno by:

  1. Taking part in wine and raki production with grapes grown by us.
  2. Taking part in pure, virgin Cretan olive oil production from olives we have cultivated ourselves.
  3. Taking part in sheep shearing and the feast that follows with traditional dishes and plenty of wine and raki.
  4. Taking part in a traditional Cretan wedding, where you can taste the traditional wedding pilaf, listen to Cretan music and mantinades (Cretan rhyming couplets usually about love) and dance with us traditional Cretan dances.
  5. Visiting a local cheese dairy and watch how traditional dairy products, such as fresh yoghurt, graviera, mizithra, anthogalo and ksinohontros, are made.
  6. Cultivating and consuming your own vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis, eggplants, peppers etc in the vegetable garden of your villa.