In the traditional residences “Stratos Villas” you will be able to enjoy unforgettable traditional Cretan delicacies. Eva, the very friendly and famous cook, will be very pleased to show you the way pure traditional Cretan dishes and sweets are made, and if you like, you can participate in their production too. Pure virgin olive oil, home-made wine and raki, fruits and vegetable produced in our own field, as well as other locally grown foods are some of the ingredients we use.

You can choose among a variety of dishes, such as:

  1. Frumenty with pork meat
  2. Aubergines with frumenty
  3. Pork meat with celery
  4. Pork meat with smoked herbs
  5. Cretan pilaffι
  6. Fricassee lamb with “stamnagkathi” (local wild herbs)
  7. Stewed snails
  8. Stifado (rabbit casserole with onions and wine vinegar)
  9. Stuffed vegetable and vine leaves
  10. Mousakas
  11. Apaki (smoked pork meat)
  12. Pies stuffed with herbs, etc.

Some of the sweets you can taste are:

  1. Cretan kalitsounia (pies with mizithra cheese and honey)
  2. Galaktoboureko (pastry sheet stuffed with cream)
  3. Karidopita (walnut cake)
  4. Pancakes with grape juice syrup
  5. Gevremedes (pies filled with sweet cheese and syrop)
  6. Jam sweets and many other home-made desserts

Eva and Fouli make”gemista” = stuffed vegetables with rice 🙂